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Company portrait

Manfred Kubik, born 1959,his profession specialist for carbody work repair

As the youngest in his year he passed the master exam straightaway in 1982, to start is own business in Vienna in the 21st district, in 1984.

In 1998 he relocated his business to Hormayrgasse 35, in 1170 Vienna, having the paint shop situated in the same building.

First of all Manfred Kubik's main interest together with his employees lies in repairing all kind of damages regarding carriage on modern cars, but also in exchanging windshields, side windows, etc.

Although the enterprise of Manfred Kubik does not belong to one of the "big" ones the garage is well appointed. The facilities of the garage include of course a framework alignment bench as well as a filling station for the air condition, a wheel alignment and a welding set.

The company of Manfred Kubik is also known for solving tricky problems, when it comes to creating the perfect tone. In this case the tone will be electronically measured and the formula will be generated.

»My great passion are classic cars, therefore you will always find some "jewels" in my garage. They will be either totally restored or minor injuries are simply made invisible.«

His love for cars can also be seen in the fact, that Manfred Kubik specialist for carbody repair was a very successful rally driver in former years. He won the Austrian championship in 1986, 1989 and 1991.

A slogan which applies to the company:

Your cars, either old or new are in good hands with us.